Personalised high-quality initial teacher training in Bradford

Do I need to find my own school placements?

Not with us you don’t!

With Exceed SCITT, Exceed Partnership, South Bradford Partnership or Westerton Partnership, you’ll train in two schools but you’ll also visit many others during the training programme. This is a highlight of the training, teachers and school leaders learn huge amounts from sharing their practice or learning from other schools!

We have a growing list of committed school partners with a commitment to initial teacher training. They don’t just train the next generation of teachers, they give them a high-quality experience as they’d like to employ their trainee teachers at the end of the programme! You my have heard about the teacher recruitment crisis affecting the country; by training the very best to become teachers in our schools we’re solving this issue for our partner schools. It’s our main reason for investing so heavily in ITT. That’s good news for you and one of the advantages of the school-led initial teacher training programmes we deliver.

Take a look at the quality of the schools in our partnership. Look at their Ofsted inspection grades. We’re proud of the quality of our partner schools. Make sure you compare the profile of our schools with those of other providers you’re considering. We’re not sure there is an other provider with a profile better than ours!

We won’t ask you to find your own placement school to host your training. We have partner schools lined up and waiting for you. These schools have contributed to developing our training and are highly committed to making it a success. They’ll welcome you with open arms! Uniquely, you’ll be training in your two placement schools from week one of your training programme with Exceed SCITT.

Children playing at one of our Exceed schools

“We believe that successful schools develop their own identity and individuality and are best placed to meet their own community’s needs.”