Personalised high-quality initial teacher training in Bradford

Bradford South Partnership

The Bradford South Partnership is a group of five schools that are geographically close but diverse in nature. The lead school, Newby Primary school, is located close to the city centre of Bradford and pupils are from a predominately Asian heritage. St Stephen’s Primary is in the same area as Newby​ but has the added dim​ension of being a church school.

Wibsey Primary school serves the village of Wibsey and beyond and is the second largest Primary school in Bradford.

We are proud of all the schools in our partnership. If you choose to train with us, you will gain some experience of all schools in the partnership. We offer high quality PGCE training through School Direct (unsalaried). We can tell you more during our free local briefing events.

Newby Primary Sch​ool
Wibsey Primary School
Farfield Primary School
Hollingwood Primary School
St Stephen’s Primary


The training places available

South Bradford Partnership offer the fee-funded/unsalaried training route. The School Direct Salaried training route is only available via Exceed Partnership at the Bradford Hub. Further fee-funded/unsalaried places are available in Bradford Exceed Partnership and in Leeds via Westerton Partnership.

Children playing at one of our Exceed schools

“We believe that successful schools develop their own identity and individuality and are best placed to meet their own community’s needs.”