Personalised high-quality initial teacher training in Bradford

How do I apply for initial teacher training?

For those looking to train to be a teacher from September 2019, will accept applications from the 9th October 2018. We can tell you more during our free local briefing events.

The easiest way to find our programmes on UCAS for you to apply for is by searching for the UCAS code as given below.

You can then apply for the programme(s) that you’d like to join using the UCAS codes:

There’s loads for you to be doing now too:

Don’t just rely on our website: meet us!

Make sure you attend one of our briefing events and visit one or more of our schools. Our website and social media accounts are helpful, but there’s nothing better than meeting our team, our children, our school leaders and seeing the schools in which you could train. I think we’ll wow you!

Work experience

Also, consider getting your work experience underway. We can help. Whilst we do not require experience we do recommend at least two-weeks high-quality school-based experience. The more you can do the better as it will support transition onto the programme.

Qualification certificates

If you’ve lost or misplaced any of your qualification certificate, reorder them. Contact your school or university and look at the governments guidance on how to do this. We can’t accept photocopies. We need to see the original certificate.


We’ll need to see original identification, such as your valid passport (make sure it hasn’t expired) or birth certificate. Make sure you have original copies (we can’t accept photocopies).

Practice your English and maths (don’t underestimate this!)

As soon as you’ve applied for initial teacher training you can apply to sit the Professional Skills Tests. They aren’t easy! Get revising, especially your quick-fire mental maths. We’ll be putting on support sessions for successful applicants. Failing the Professional Skills Tests is the main reason applicants fail to take-up their training place.  Take it seriously; revise NOW!

Children playing at one of our Exceed schools

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