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Fee-funded/unsalaried or salaried training?

Everyone would like to be paid to train to be a teacher. But, the reality is that securing a place via the salaried route is harder to secure. You have to be eligible, a stand-out applicant and have a wealth of experience (usually in a school) to draw upon. There are far more places available on the fee-funded/unsalaried route. We can tell you more during our free local briefing events.

Fee-funded/unsalaried route

Graduates applying for initial teacher training (ITT) during the final year of their degree or soon after they’ve completed their undergraduate studies usually secure places on the fee-funded/unsalaried route. They take out a student loan to pay their £9,250 tuition fees to Exceed SCITT. Some trainees may be eligible for a government bursary as an incentive to train to be a teacher, but the government seem to reduce these each year or increase their expectations about the class of honours degree you need to have secured before you start teacher training. Although there’s a cost, applicants need to consider the starting salary of a teacher is £23,000 and their are many options to secure promotion within a few years of qualifying. The pain of paying a loan is compensated by a good starting salary and a rewarding career. There are a large number of fee-funded/unsalaried training places available with Exceed SCITT, Exceed Partnership, Shanidar School Direct and Westerton Partnership. 

Salaried route

This route is only available to career changers, i.e. those who have at least three-years full-time employment history. The salary of around £16800 during the training year is an incentive to help people to change careers at a time when, for example, they may already have a mortgage and a family. We can’t offer a salaried route to somebody who is worthy but not eligible: its not our decision! The school where you undertake the bulk of your training, your ‘home’ school, pays your salary, tuition fees to Exceed SCITT and is your employer. When school budgets are falling, this is a big ask. Therefore, these schools will only select the very best applicants. Usually, these people are already know to the school, perhaps they work as a Teaching Assistant at the school. Knowing the individual is less of a financial risk for the school. This makes the them harder to secure and there are usually few salaried places available. You’ll see that very few ITT providers offer the salaried route. We do! The salaried option is available by applying to Exceed Partnership.

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