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Shall I do a PGCE, School Direct and SCITT programme?

We offer School Direct and SCITT programmes that include a PGCE. We can tell you more during our free local briefing events.

In terms of the qualifications you’ll achieve there are no difference whether you follow a school-led School Direct or SCITT programme or a university-led route. All these routes will give you access to securing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). For a PGCE to be of value, you need QTS – you’re not a qualified teacher if you don’t secure QTS! With this in mind, we don’t know why universities promote the PGCE element rather than QTS! Take a look at the government’s Get Into Teaching website for more information.

But, there are other differences you need to be aware of.

School Direct and SCITT (school centred initial teacher training) programmes are delivered by schools. With Exceed SCITT and its partners this equates to 100% of the course; some providers allow universities to deliver large proportions of their programme (ask providers about this when you meet them). Having schools deliver 100% of our programme means current teachers and school leaders oversee, manage and deliver your training programme and school placements. That’s why we think Exceed SCITT and its partners’ School Direct and SCITT programmes are, our our schools view, the best training routes: your tutors are practising teachers and schools leaders.

Exceed SCITT awards QTS to both School Direct and SCITT programmes for Exceed SCITT, Exceed Partnership, Shanidar School Direct and Westerton Partnership. Leeds Trinity University award our PGCE, they’ll deliver about 6 days of training and set you three assignments for this during our ITT programmes.

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