Personalised high-quality initial teacher training in Bradford

Shanidar School Direct

Shanidar School Direct is a group of fourteen schools across Bradford, Keighley, Leeds and Skipton. Eight mainstream schools and six special schools. The lead school, Southfield Special School is located close to the city centre of Bradford.  All schools are part of Shanidar Teaching School Alliance.

There is a strong commitment to inclusion and the Bradford Primary with SEND 5-11 programme will give trainees opportunity to train in mainstream settings and also pursue a specialism in SEND should they choose. Four potential pathways to choose from are:

  • Autism (communication and interaction);
  • Generic SEND (cognition and learning);
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH); and
  • Sensory (VI / HI).

We are proud of all the schools in our partnership. If you choose to train with us, you will gain experience of a range of schools in the partnership. We offer high quality PGCE training through School Direct (unsalaried). We can tell you more during our free local briefing events.

·         Bradford Central PRU
·         Brooklands Special School
·         Cottingley Village Primary (DSP—SEMH)
·         Crossley Hall Primary (DSP—Autism)
·         Delius Special School
·         Girlington Primary School (ARC—HI)
·         Grove House Primary (ARC—VI)
·         Farnley Park West SILC special school
·         Hazelbeck Special School
·         Howarth Primary (DSP—Autism)
·         Ingrow Primary
·         Long Lee Primary (DSP—SEMH)
·         Southfield Special School
·         Swain House Primary (ARC—HI)

All trainees who successfully complete the Leeds Programme with us will be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status and will have the opportunity to gain a PGCE at Masters Level 7. This is an excellent springboard into the profession.

The training places available

Shanidar School Direct  offer the fee-funded/unsalaried training route.

Children playing at one of our Exceed schools

“We believe that successful schools develop their own identity and individuality and are best placed to meet their own community’s needs.”